Today's leadership challenges

Operating within a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, today’s leaders are under pressure to provide direction, while navigating paths that are not always clear. The recent coronavirus epidemic is causing leaders everywhere to step up virtual leading skills, while making critical decisions about where to pivot their organisation and people to survive the crisis and emerge stronger on the other side.

Decisions must be made quickly, often with incomplete information and while under scrutiny, and success depends on influencing and securing the support of multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally, while rapidly gaining an understanding of the systems in which they operate.

Competent and confident leaders don’t happen by chance. To excel in this high stress, high stakes environment, they must be properly developed, nurtured and supported.

Investment in the development of a strong leadership culture is money well spent.  We provide relevant and timely solutions that deliver quantifiable leadership, team and organisational improvements.

Leadership Development

You are proud of your success and committed to realising your full potential as a passionate, purposeful and inspirational leader. Confront your challenges, leverage your strengths, close your gaps and achieve personal and professional success with our one-on-one Leadership Development Coaching.

Success in New Role Coaching

3 month coaching programme to acclimatise and establish credibility quickly in your new role. Lead authentically, build your profile, make a positive impact.

Team Development

Ready to build a team that’s unstoppable? Team coaching works with your whole team in real time on real business challenges to create alignment, ditch unhealthy conflict for cohesion and excitement, and deliver outstanding performance. 

Change Workshops

Change is the new normal. Help your team make meaning of the impact of coronavirus for them, new working practices and for the resilience of their organisation. Now available as a virtual course.

Confident Development Conversations ... for Staff and Managers

As a leader, your job is to develop your team so they are engaged and perform well. If you’re in HR, you know these are also essential to building a talent pipeline. Yet everyone recognises they’re not easy to do, and so they are avoided or done poorly. Build your (or your leaders’) skill and confidence to have powerful development conversations in our half-day workshop.

Bespoke Consultancy and Outsourced Services

Does your organisation run a leadership or high-potential development programme? If it needs external support to (re)design or deliver parts of it or measure return-on-investment speak to us. Also available for organisations setting up internal coaching services.

Ros is an outstanding coach. She brings significant experience, focus, warmth, honesty and emotional intelligence to her coaching while remaining very practical and down to earth. She has an amazing ability to get right to the core issue in every session.

Her coaching approach always results in a much broader perspective on matters and has encouraged me to think outside of the box and move out of my comfort zone. A few sessions with Ros have resulted in significant personal and professional growth. I would highly recommend her.

Marcia Hansen

Donor Compliance Manager, Save the Children

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, periodically there are times in your career that you need someone to bounce ideas off, get feedback from and challenge your ways of thinking. Ros is exactly the person to do that and does it brilliantly.

Simon Legg

Chief Information Security Officer, JLT Group

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Lowering staff turnover

Adapting to change

Creating inclusive workplaces

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