It’s easy to consider coaching a discretionary spend. Is leadership development so important when you’re putting every effort into managing your cashflow and ensuring the survival of the business during Covid-19?

Here at Ros Toynbee Coaching we’d argue that there’s at least nine reasons why you and your organisation need coaching more than ever right now.

  1. Coaching reduces stress. Stress reduces our ability to have empathy, think creatively, control impulses and make effective plans.
  2. Coaching helps people process what’s going on right now. We have little to compare this crisis to. Without processing, we risk people experiencing short term fear, worry and stress into longer term PTSD and physical health issues.
  3. Coaching helps people find their own resilience and capacity – even when they can’t change the external landscape. Clients are able to find some internal sense of control in what feels like an controllable situation
  4. The small amount invested in a coaching during a crisis will pay off in terms of larger gainskeeping staff morale high and retaining talent
  5. Leaders’ emotions are catching. If leaders are calm, thoughtful and patient, their teams feel more able to respond calmly as well. Family life is happier.
  6. We won’t be going back to business as usual. Coaching enables leaders and their teams to be active co-creators in what is to come and create exciting futures they are bought into delivering.
  7. Coaching helps people get unstuck and move out of fixed patterns and mindsets. When spinning your wheels, the first thing you should be considering is “should I get a coach?”. 
  8. People are thinking about purpose and meaning as a result of this crisis. Coaching helps people think powerfully about their purpose and values and keeps them engaged and productive, even in times of huge pressure.
  9. People will be using this time to make major work and life changes and will need a coach to navigate this change. Real change is disruptive to the system and a coach helps us identify what we want, try new things, reflect on what we learned and continue this positive learning cycle as we move into new ways of being and results in our lives.

If any of this rings a bell – low mood, persistent stress and not “being your usual self”, struggles with communicating well virtually, or noticing that lockdown has called into question how you want to work going forward then let’s have a chat about it and see if working with a coach would help you.