Change Workshop

Leapers, Bridge Builders and Tradition Holders

How to lead and manage organisational change.

Level - Intermediate

For business leaders, project leads and anyone else leading change initiatives.

Duration and timing

The workshop runs for two or four hours.

Your Tutors

The sessions will be run by Ros Toynbee.

If you were to list all the changes at work that are directly and indirectly affecting you and your team, what would they be?
Now, how confident do you feel to get everyone on board?

In an IBM study (2008/2014) of 2,900 CEOs, only 20% felt successful in managing change and even then 58% said changing mind-sets was the most challenging aspect of change. Dealing with resistance is tough!

Change is the new normal so it’s important to be equipped as leaders – and as employee – to know how we respond individually to change and how to influence others to move from one way of working to a new one.

Our workshop “Leapers, Bridge Builders and Tradition Holders” is designed to equip you to work with change. It is suitable for upper and middle management driving a change initiative, a leader and their intact team, or a mixed group.




Greater awareness of your own response style and have mapped out those of your team


Have ideas and actions you can implement immediately after the workshop


Have applied your learning to a change initiative you are currently part of and to have assessed where your initiative is strong and where it could more support




Change is the new Normal

Recent data on the impact of change on organisations


Top 4 Factors for Successful Change

The roles of senior management, employee engagement, communication and corporate culture.


A Model for Change

A model to understand how individuals, teams and organisations reach tipping point and assimilate change.


Response Styles to Change

The different response styles in yourself and others, their strengths and weaknesses.


Steps for Successful Change

Understanding how to best leverage those response styles to support and prepare a plan for a current or intended change initiative.

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