Our thoughts on ways to develop leaders and teams using the latest thinking in fields including neuroscience, behavioural change and systems thinking.

Can you develop emotional intelligence?

In other words are leaders born or made?

There’s been much debate however now research is showing us that while we are born with a baseline level of emotional intelligence (EQ) and it is influenced by the way we have been parented, it is good old fashioned practice that really raises that ability to relate to self and others.

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How to give feedback or criticism without hurting someone

Giving feedback can be a great way to help employees recognise their strengths and improve on their weaknesses, but it’s not always easy to give.

No one, no matter who they are, enjoys feeling criticised – and someone who feels demoralised and unappreciated is unlikely to want to work hard or stay in a job.

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Development conversations that motivate

January is the time when many organisations hold their annual reviews. It’s when performance objectives are set, and it should also be a time when meaningful development objectives are also set.

A mounting body of research is showing that the old ways of focusing on weaknesses to develop demoralises employees and doesn’t actually turn around their performance and may even decrease it by as much as 26%.

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More than a quarter of UK workers ‘not performing their best’

A recent study by Deloitte on the subject of performance at work claims that a third of workers were ‘not stimulated by what they do’ and a further 27% of employees are not ‘performing their best’.

Many organisations value raw metrics above allowing workers to truly understand the meaning of their role in the business and why everyone has a key part to play in the overall success of the operation.

How can an organisation keep their workers engaged in what they do and keep performance high?

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